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Trillium Necklace + Raw Ruby

Trillium Necklace + Raw Ruby

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The Trillium.

The ephemeral flower of my childhood. They arrive when the woods are melting towards spring and then greening into summer. They come, announcing the seasons of color and scent ahead. In the Adirondacks we had deep red triiliums, so I chose the raw ruby here to reminisce.

Solid Sterling Silver + Raw Ruby + 18" sterling box chain.

* your ruby will be similar to these pictured here in hue and shape, though varying slightly.

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What others are saying about The Arrowleaf:

"The craftsmanship is raw and beautiful! The artist is lovely and a joy to correspond with. I would highly suggest you buy her hand-crafted pieces."


"I appreciate how much these and other of The Arrowleaf's jewelry match my rustic, simple, and outdoorsy style. Yet when I wear them I also feel elegant. Love these earrings! Thanks, Paige!"


*Note* All of my pieces are entirely handmade, which gives them natural variation (even between an earring pair) and 100% uniqueness. The handmade nature of the piece also means that there will be natural imperfections. It is this quality that I think gives each piece character and depth. This style does not appeal to everyone, however. If you love rough-hewn, made-with-your-hands pieces then I feel confident that you will love the work you receive. If you are not totally satisfied with your order please contact me --I want my customers to be happy!

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