About the Artist

Hi there. I’m Paige Devlin, the artist behind The Arrowleaf. I’m a mother, a maker and a lover of our beautiful earth. I'm a self-taught metalsmith, learning the trade through many broken saw-blades and scorched finger tips. My work focuses on the ancient technique of sand casting to make my work raw and original.

My personal land ethic greatly shapes my work, from incorporating reclaimed gold or silver into my pieces, to choosing reclaimed diamonds and ethically mined Montana sapphires. 

I hope that my jewelry is a reflection of my wonder for the natural world--from earth to sky and our precious and interconnected place within it. 

I smith sometimes with one kid on my hip, prefer to ski under a full-moon, and like wearing glitter nail polish with my muck boots. I hope you find the same joy in wearing my pieces as I find in making them.

With light, Paige