Persephone’s Journey

Have you had those seasons of reflection, where it seems that in order for growth to happen, you need to dive down, below surface, submerged, quiet, listening—before you can take the next step forward in your journey?

 These last few months I have been in that subterranean exploration.

Of pulling apart those mycelium threads—what’s serving me? What’s not? What are old patterns? What can new healthier ones be? What do I want my business and life to look like, right now?

One main theme of this time of reflection has been balance and surrender to where I am at now as mother and jeweler.  Of letting go of the need for my business to be at a certain place right now. Of trusting that my business is exactly where it needs to be right now. There is still so much time. As a parent to two young children I am witnessing how quickly this fleeting time goes.

And once this theme moved from my mind to a more embodied place, once I really surrendered to what that meant and looked like—so much freedom opened up. And actually my business continued to grow, surprisingly, but in a much healthier and sustainable way. Once I gave myself permission to have it look differently. It was like I could turn around from swimming up the creek, and flow with it instead.

I realized that I actually needed to surrender and slow down to get to where I wanted to go. And “where I wanted to go” well, that has changed too.

My business probably won’t look that much different on the outside. Maybe only in subtle ways. Maybe there will be more congruence reflected back at you. Maybe that sapphire will sparkle in a particular new way. However, the hands creating these heirlooms are different, a bit more at ease, a bit more in love with this beautiful world, as we always are when we go sub-surface to explore.

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